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Healthcare with patient advocacy in mind training…

VA-BC, LLC provides VA-BC training to ensure patients attain safe, elevated care from healthcare professionals who want to be excellent in their field in the areas of vascular access and infusion. Our association supports a community who strives for excellence.

For over 30 years our caring healthcare professionals  have been working with patients understanding their needs and concerns. The VA-BC training center helps provides healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn and grow in the field of healthcare and vascular access so they can continue to be safe providers. 

Our training center provides both onsite and online accessible training for licensed healthcare professionals looking to have tutorial guidance for understanding placement and maintenance in vascular access procedures.

Our staff consists of doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists and administrators who have worked in the vascular access industry for over 30 years.  



Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is part of our mission along with bridging that with healthcare workers who treasure that opportunity.

Safe Treatment

Safe Treatment

Healthcare workers coming together to ensure safe treatment and less infection rates globally, protecting and saving lives.

Chicago, Illinois 


Providing training in a city where everyone can travel to around the country easily and effortlessly.

Yes we can help with accommodations!

We offer partnership accommodations with hotels throughout the city when you register for our one-to-one programs and group programs. 



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